Angela Viens is an artist based in Los Angeles, California. Using a variety of different mediums in innovative approaches including oil, acrylic, mixed media, sculpture, and video, Angela's work is fueled by human experience and psychology that influences an individual's identity. Her work currently investigates the fascinating post millennium generation - one that is consumed by instant gratification, superficiality and materialism, pressures of media, and the constant surveillance by digital platforms many youth are immensely invested in. As a member of this twisted yet beautiful reality, she hopes to inspire others to thrive outside these powerful potentially negative influences and to embrace the flaws, passions, and characteristics of the individual in order to be authentic to the self. 

Since moving to New York, Angela has exhibited internationally at renowned galleries and art spaces from the Autocenter Gallery in Berlin, Germany to Select Fair in Miami, Florida along with multiple galleries in the Lower East Side and Brooklyn in New York City. She is currently represented by XY Atelier contemporary art gallery in downtown Manhattan.