The Divine Feminine Rising

Three cathedral-like purple iridescent arches enveloping a mirror. In it, a raw naked oil painting of a woman with wings full of feathers, kissed with the spectrum of light. A rainbow. Each color flowing into one another the hinting of chakras being aligned with the heart, body, and soul.  Arms are open wide, breasts exposed, an expression looking up seeming to be at peace, unleashing a sort of surrender and acknowledgement of an inner power. Within this gesture, is a gift, a blooming flower - hinting at the miracle of life, rebirth, and sensuality. Underneath and embodying this painting is a unique surface, a mirror. A reflective surface to signify interconnectedness as it envelopes and seems to intimately touch all of its surroundings. This my latest painting. A painting that comes from deep from my heart, was so vulnerable and scary for me to make, and something important and timely. A painting and image to symbolize a movement occurring in our conscious collective throughout the world and universe - the rise of the divine feminine. 

In this New Year, I invite you to tap into this divine inner power. Both women and men. To unleash your voice, ability to love and nurture. Be vulnerable. Allow yourself to get In touch with the wildness and creativity you possess that is so freaking uniquely YOU. I invite you to welcome your feminine side to the table. To the table where the masculine is currently running the show. Let her have a seat. Because the truth is - this side of you is dying to come out. Our feminine and sensitive side has been repressed for far to long.

We live in a world in which we need to suppress our emotions at work, relationships, and to project a perfect image on social media. We also live in a world where we have neglected and tortured Mother Earth and ignored the needs and cries of humanity as we strive for greed, power, and thrive in war. Our workforce and leadership has been dominated by men for such a significant amount of time, that women are becoming more masculine to compete. Masculine as in they are becoming more emotionless, authoritative, and power driven. This is an amazing accomplishment in the rise of feminism to create equality, but what about the rise of femininity - the side of ALL of ourselves that is nurturing, intuitive, loving, caring, and incredibly creative and expressive? Has this been on the sidelines as we rush to each become more powerful and authoritative in our constant never ending non fulfilling quest of status and material gain?

 This I believe has been a core problem in humanity for centuries.  Men are forced to repress their sensitive sides in a never ending battle to prove their manliness and worth. As a result this men live lonely, miserable lives and create an increase in violent sexually power driven behavior as we've seen with the rise of shootings, suicides, and sexual crimes. And without the leadership of women in all industries ranging from corporations, to politics, to entertainment where the natural feminine of creativity, expression, and love may be present, being in touch with our feminine side has instead been on the side lines, as men continue to dominate proving their manliness to each other. There simply has been an innate psychological yearning and instinct that has been drastically neglected.

As with most all things in life, I believe the answer to this problem is in balance. We can begin attaining this balance by allowing each and every one of us to tap into our emotions, to letting our guard down, and to love.  After some reflection on my own personal experience and research I've compiled five ways that can be help achieve this balance of the masculine and the feminine energies and ways of being. Much thanks to author Sophia Bashford on some of her insight on these steps! You can read more about her and her work on her website:



The first method is by allowing ourselves to feel our feelings and deeply held emotions without judgement.  To acknowledge that they are there (often for a reason! Do not blame yourself for it) and to allow ourselves to let that emotion come to the surface and to be processed.  Being authentic to that feeling and emotion to run its course. For deep emotions, finding a safe space or someone you trust is crucial.  A therapist, counsellor, or close friend you can confide upon and trust. 

The second is allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and raw. We are often so guarded, and have such deep intrinsic need to protect and guard ourselves that sometimes we don't seek help when we need it.  Or we don't allow ourselves to be who we truly are, or allow our true desires to be realized. It is important to be honest with yourself and let your truth be known. When you reveal your true self, others around you do as well, allowing for connection and real relationships to grow and trust to build. 

Third - allow yourself to love and be non-judge mental. I used to be guilty of having an ego - for really no reason at all. From living in New York and perhaps as a means of survival there I felt I had to acquire it. And you know what it did? It made me miserable and it made other people around me not as happy with me either. It caused me to not want to make connections with people that I could have had connections with. This past year living in California, as I got in touch with myself, my purpose, and my spirituality - it has slowly melted away. And yes gone along with it is the false sense of confidence and authority I used to have. But now is something much much more liberating and fulfilling - a presence of warmth, non judgement, and love in its place. And you know what? I am ten times happier and more free and connecting with more people of all walks of life wherever I go. We all need to allow ourselves to learn to love and connect. It leads to more happiness in both parties, more understanding, and more relationships. Love is really what could save the world. 

Last, but not least. Is being in tune with your intuition, your gut, your inner voice. Often we feel we have an answer to something before we can even logically process all the pros and cons of a decision or all the options for an idea or solution. By meditation, being in nature, or spending alone time we can get in touch with this inner voice.  Whether you believe its the universe, or your deepest subconscious yearnings - this sensitivity to our inner desire and voice and bring a great amount of direction and satisfaction in our lives. 

By tuning into our feminine, we’re being in touch with our most sensitive yet authentic self - and there’s power in that. Lets reign in the good energy and intentions as we enter in the new year. 2018 is looking bright and liberating as ever, and it all begins with you. 

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